We are pleased to announce that SEMENTE is an official partner of the annual ICEM Conference which this year takes place at the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém between 12 and 14 October. This conference, whose main theme this year is “Moving towards a ‘new normal’ in education”, is an opportunity to present and discuss new educational tools and environments, experiences, practices, and case studies on innovative technology-based learning strategies, as well as institutional policies on
Between 29 August and 2 September a teacher training course within the DVET project took place in Cyprus – run by SEMENTE and Mise Hero This training, which involved teachers from Portugal, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Turkey, aimed at training the teachers involved in the development of online classes for Vocational and Vocational Education. In the coming months, the participants of this training will train colleagues on this topic, in order to then proceed
D-VET Consorsium This week, in the framework of the D-VET project, we were meeting in Prague to discuss the results obtained so far and the next tasks. This project, funded by the European Commission through the ErasmusPlus programme, aims to mobilise and encourage teachers/trainers in Vocational Education to digitally transform their classes. To this end, a methodology and, subsequently, a wiki with a diverse set of lessons will be developed. The project consortium is composed
We wish you all happy holidays and a 2022 full of successes.
Last Monday and Tuesday the launch meeting of the DVET project took place in Sofia, at the Elisaveta Vazova Vocational School of Design. This project, funded by the European Commission through the ErasmusPlus program, aims to mobilize and encourage teachers/trainers of vocational education for the digital transformation of their classes. For this, a methodology will be developed and, later, a wiki with a diverse set of lessons. SEMENTE was present and presented the guidelines of

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